Saturday, December 13, 2008

kene tag!!!

hi readers!!!

since kne tag ngan my beloved kak yana sooo kne la buat coz yg first one tu aku xbuat pon..hehehe sorry ye kak yana..xperasan..ok kali nie midie buat!

1.what is the relationship of you and him/her?
hurm aku nk jdkan kak yana sbg subject..(boley gtu) hehehhe
hurm the relationship of coz la bro n sis..hehehe
2.your 5 impressions towards him/her
*kind hearted
*very understanding sister
*gile shopping
3.the most memorable things he/she had done for you?
die selalu bg nasihat kat saye..
4.the most memorable thing he/she have said to you?
"midie mesti nk bg hati midie kat seseorng yang hargai hati midie kan..."
5.if he/she become your lover,you wil.. kelakar je...aku da anggap die cm kakak aku xmungkin kot..hehhee

6.if he/she become ur enemy,you will...
trust me, it will NEVER HAPPEN!!
7.if she/he become ur lover,he/she has to improve her/his..
hmmm tabiat shoping yg mengganas...hehehehe
8.if he/she become ur enemy,the reason is..
hmmm mungkin misunderstanding jarang la
9.the most desirable thing to do on him/her?
hmmm xterpikir plak..rsenye tering nk tgk kak yana ade bf n happy je..xmo sedey2!!
10.the overall impression about him/her?
she's nice n very kind hearted do you think people around you will feel about you?
midie ni gile2 kot n kkdng mengade-ngade..huhuh
12.the character of you for yourself is?
murah dgn senyuman..happy go lucky

13.on contrary,the character u hate about yourself is?
too sensitive...
14.the most ideal person that you wanna be is..
i wanna be like SITI NURHALIZA..die berjaya atas usaha die sendiri n dalam mencapai cita2 die die xpnh lupe asal usul die n agama s well..n die ckp terkenal dgn sopan santun n budi bahasa..
luv U CT
15.for the people who likes you,say something about them?
ade ke orng suke kat aku..huhuhu S.E.D.E.Y.
16.6 people to tag..
*kak mala
*kak mas

17.who is number 2 is having relationship with?
hurm still searching..mayB??? no 6 a female or male?
name pon laila...sah2 la p'puan
19.if no 3 and no 5 were together,would it be a good thing?
i dun think so... about no 5 and no 6?
mana boley!!! haram!
21.what is no 1 is studying about?
hurm not sure but sumthing to do wit computer no 4 single? xsure la available ke x?btol x lan..hehehhe
23.say something about no.3
hmm a gud, loyal, n smart fwen plus ade style la..hehe
***************** luv ya******************


yananana said...

alalalala..blushing2 kak yana baca nih ha..hehehe.nak amik ati yea sbb semalam cakap hurm manyak2 yea?okay,dimaafkan! :D

midie said...

all of forgiven??

FarDiaNa said...

hey,u're tagged =p
take the questions from my blog k

-maRs- said...

akak pon kn tagged ngan kak yana... midie pon tagged.. jawapanye same je.. jz visit my blog..hahahaah...