Saturday, December 20, 2008

for your information

hye readers

it about 4 hours from now i'll be depart from jakarta straight to KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA.... i really cant wait anymore...sabar ye midie kjp je lagi...

fyi.. i'm the only 1 person who going back today from UNIVERSITY MOESTOPO...i repeat THE ONLY 1...HUHUHU sedey!!!

hehehe but thanx to din and azlan...diorng nk temankan aku sampai airport n willing to temankan aku smpai aku masuk dalam..uhuhuhuh terharu sgt!!


btw m going to the airport by x-tranz wic only cost me IDR35k...huhu not bad la compare nak naik teksi..mahal.. xde duit!

ok readers...while i'm in malaysia...i'll be rare to online!! becoz i think thre will be ALOT of interesthings to do instead of blogging..huhuhu so i'll be updating my blog in 2 weeks later...see u guys next yer n happy new year to all my fwenz..


Anonymous said...

hye midie, no probs dude... dats wat fwenz 4 rite..??-din

FarDiaNa said...

hye midie!=)
U've been tagged!
soalan kat blog ye

Anonymous said...

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