Sunday, October 4, 2009


finally i've got my chance to go swimming for today and i really have fun...we went to pondok indah water boom wic is located besides the pondok indah mall 1..though the price is quite high for today but it doesn't stop us(PEJAL ME AND DIN) to enter the water park...while we step in to the water park , the weather is like goin to rain.. =( ala xkisah la mandi pon basah gak...mmm the park is closing at 6pm and we arrived there at 4.30pm...huhu lantak la janji dpt men air...

the most excited person pejal la..hehehe..he likes the the water boom(gelongsor yg naik ngan pelampung tuh)we had fun!

when the rain fall heavily we decided to go back...what wud u feel after swimming almost an hour??i feel HUNGRY!!!!!hehehhee
i decided to take them to have dinner at solaria pondok indah 2..well they all agree...rite after dinner we were heading to karaoke for 1 hr at happy song(if m not mistaken) nyanyi punya nyanyi xsedar da sejam..aahhaha..the best part of the day is, i saw pejal sing at the karaoke..heheh well he quite shy to start sing at bile enjin da panas...speechless hahahaha

well 2morro's class will having quiz on inflammation..hopefully i cud answer all the question la..huhuh
well its kind of late..i wanna go for bed...its tiring day 4 today..though its tired but it's worth it..i have fun n i enjoy!

gud nyte readers...

~~~signing off ~~~

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