Saturday, October 3, 2009

its a boring day!

early in the morning i woke up n went to class as usual..class finished at 1230 n i had my lunch with lan din kak yana kak caju kak mas kak thirah n kak mimie...rite after that i went home n harvest my rice n pumpkin at farm ville..heheheh..i've try to call pino ask for hang out to sumwhre but he cudn't bcoz he's i decided to take a nap...but after all i fall asleep until 7pm..hehehhe

when i woke stomach starts to buzz me-its a sign that i must have my dinner..but it was a rain n i cudn't go anywer..huhuh so sad..m stuck in the cold room without any food n i'm so starving at the time..then suddenly i got a msg from DIN -"jom g mkn" i feel like YES!!!!! jom2 aku pon da lapr gler nie..i see outside tru the window n i smile-the rain stop! having dinner @pisang..GREAT!

i'M thinking that how bored i am because today is a sunday nite n m not going anywer?? owh too bad for a teenage boy who just sit at home during sunday nite n doesn't have any activities to do..well actually i've planned to go to the town but din n pejal didn't whta can i say?? went back to home n study PA(pathology anatomy)

i hope 2morrow will be much fun....
go to bed~~~

~~~signing out~~~

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