Wednesday, October 15, 2008

eNdless journeY ('':)

Everybody needs friends. People whom we can communicate with, but who we can consider as a friend? Friends whom we spend time at the coffee shop or we work with. Friends whom we hang out with or school friends or maybe our childhood friends which is no prejudice, no different and no competition. Until one day when we open up our eyes and realise that the world is not as it seem.
It’s not a problem to make friends nowadays; we don’t have to leave our home or our seat. We just seat in front of the computer and just hit some keys on the keyboard. We have to accept the risks friendship in one journey which is full of uncertainties…We carry the burden and the bad experience which we want to leave behind; old story which we want to forget. Clinging to hope, to start a new life
Restricted, controlled and trapped. We look for a ways to escape from the crisis and problems which follow us wherever we go. In the end, space makes us careless and forgetful. Forcing us to think. Burden us and free us. Suffocate and stifle us. Though near or far we move from one place to another, bring along the sweet memories and hopes which we want to share. Like a speck of dust blowing in the wind, we search for certainties and direction for our future. One day we will realise that making a mistake is part of growing up. Whether we like it or not, we have to make our choice and face all the obstacles in continuing this inevitable journey-a journey which will take us to a new place and takes us home…
Whatever we do we must do it properly, if we want to make a good drink, sugar, water milk must be added accordingly. When we want to prepare a dish, we must have all the ingredients and we must know how to control the fire and the ingredients must be accurate-not more and not less- so that it turns into a delicious meal. Every single mistake we make can affect a lot of things. It’s the same thing in relationship-everything must be in order, there must be desire and wish then the relationship will work. In friendship, there must be compatibility and sincerity then the friendship will last. Furthermore in getting to know each other, there must be patience and understanding. Finally when we meet and get to know each other, when we are going in the same direction, only time can determine the flow of our friendship.
Waiting. We have been waiting all our lives. Waiting for time, opportunity and waiting for our destiny. Waiting without end till the point that we keep asking ourselves “when?” or “till when?”. It is like an occupation or a field that returns no profit. But sometime the “wait” is worth the while when our friends are by our side. A loyal friends that always stick together when we in sad

or in the bright.
When everything is out of our control, what can we do? Other than to wait and to hope.. What can we do? Just wait and see. When we see the world that we build is either fragile or breaking down, we try as much as we can to stay strong as that the only best thing that we can do.We know the journey to make us grow is not easy, the relationship is getting more difficult. The body which works hard is getting very tired. The hearts which we hope will soften harden even more. The loneliness in our heart makes us want to achieve happiness and perfectness. We are aware and know that we must be brave to free ourselves. Brave enough to forget our previous memories and to look for serenity. But we have to go through our life one step at the time. We keep on fighting in ourselves and faced the burden that come to our way. We can only prepare ourselves and wait for the opportunity and seize back what we have lost.


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