Tuesday, February 3, 2009

welcome HOme

finally the day has come...hehehe

its really made my day...n thanx to my family for their willingness to wait for me at the aiport...MALAYSIA...Here i come again but this time my holiday(sem break) its much2 longer than the previous one...hehhe..

for your information...i will be in malaysia from 2nd feb till 14 march..hehehe

ape ek nk buat cuti lame2 nie...hehehehe member2 sume kat U diorng...uhuhuh so aku kne la lawat diorng..btol slaah???hahahah

to atoy nnt aku gtau k bile nk g penang...

kak yana...lan..n all moestoporian jd x our plan nk jelajah malaysia n singapore???

hahahahaha.jd la e...lets make this holiday is a holiday to remember??bley gitu?hahahahaha

pape pon call k??

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