Saturday, November 22, 2008


as i woke up late this day starts to turn too rush...evrything goes soo fast so that i'll n my housemate could make it on time to the class early this morning..huuhu we make it...the dosen still not in the class...

today i've got agama islam n diskusi fizik...i love my physic lecturer (ibu oolly)..she is very talented in teaching, she makes the students feel interested to learnthe material that she gave. plus she's very2 "semangat" during teaching n i love her style..hahahhaha
my class finished at 1100 then i lunch with kak mimie, din pejal n hani...we bought our lunch at warteg then ate at the ussual place(sorry no picS taken)hehehehhehe
hrum after that me n my fwen (hani lan din riz syaf) planned to go to TRISAKTI to buy teeth complete with the root. unfortunately our plan cancelled last minutes..hehhehei felt sooo boring coz really 2 tak au nak buat ape...suddenly hani n syaf came to my house..diorng pkai cantik2!!nk g mne e?heheheheafter several discussion i agree to follow hem to go to plaza bintaro..our plan nk beli ink hani n nk survey printer utk syaf n also the interesting part watching muuuvie!!!hehehheheewe decided to watch P2...
here some pics boutthe movie!!!



here the SInopsis bout the muvie

"Most people who have been alone in a parking garage have probably felt vulnerable to an attacker amidst the silence of the cold concrete walls, but what would you do if your assailant were the attendant? That's the question posed by P2, which fits into that sub-genre of thrillers that unfold in one primary location (think Mario Bava's KIDNAPPED, PHONE BOOTH, or WIND CHILL). The script, co-written by Alexandre Aja (THE HILLS HAVE EYES, HIGH TENSION), Franck Khalfoun, and Gregory Levasseur, offers a basic cat-and-mouse tale with a couple of jolts of bone-rattling gore. It's Christmas Eve, and young New York executive Angela (Rachel Nichols) is the last to leave her office before heading to New Jersey for a holiday with the family. Already late, she is dismayed to find that her car won't start. The handsome, seemingly helpful garage attendant, Thomas (Wes Bentley), checks out the car for her, but to no avail. The next thing she knows, Angela wakes up in the garage office in a dress, chained to a chair, with a Christmas dinner laid out before her. Thomas has been watching her for a long time, and with everyone else gone for Christmas, he finally has her alone. Angela will have to fight with everything she has to make it through to Christmas morning. Under the first-time direction of co-screenwriter Khalfoun, P2 is a solid thriller that delivers ample action, despite being an amped-up two-person stage play. Nichols is an appealing heroine in a physically demanding role, while Bentley's wacko Thomas never veers into cartoonishness. This isn't one for the SAW crowd, though the two brief moments of splatter are certainly of that gross-out caliber. Vintage Christmas songs are also used to strong effect. "

ok lanot bad but the "latar mcm streotype la" mcm da bley agak!!hehehhe3 stars!


mc chiken
actually aku kuar ni jugak coz terigin sgt nk mkn kat plaza bintaro kami g amik teksi g sektor 9..

hehehhe sygnya pejal xnk ikot..die nak balik coz ade aku hani n syaf je la...b4 nak balik tu hani ade kata die nak beli kertas a4...yg aku peliknya die nk msk kedai ni:

aku n syaf punya la gelak gler..hahahhahahahani ni lawak la!!heheheheh btw jgn marah aku lpk mcD sampai kol 2100..heheheh kenyang hehehelps tu kami pon balik la...

tu hani again...jgn marah ye..hehehehn ape yg terjadi kat dalam teksi mse on da way balik tu rahsia ye..hehehe i trust u!!hehehehhe
so long

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